Why Choose Advantage Allied?

Why Do Healthcare Professionals Choose Advantage Allied?

Traveling with Advantage Allied gives you advantages: extra money in your pocket to pay bills, take that vacation, or save for something special. It allows you to work in exciting places, live temporarily around out-of-town friends or family while gaining new skills in a new environment with new professionals. It allows you to be more in control of your career because you get to decide how often and in what environment you work.

Working with Advantage Allied means working with a caring Recruiter as well as a Compliance and Travel and Housing Team dedicated to helping you each step of the way to ensure your travel experience is an exceptional one.  “Going above and beyond,” Takes the worry out of traveling” and “Patient sounding board” are three recent comments made about our Recruiters.  You can count on the Team at Advantage Allied to provide the support you need on your travel journey.

Why Do Healthcare Facilities Choose Advantage Allied?

Many health facilities choose Advantage Allied to find high quality short-term or temporary allied healthcare professionals to meet seasonal fluctuations, medical leaves or new facility hiring needs. Others choose Advantage Allied to find a professional to “test drive” before a permanent offer is made. Whatever the reason, Advantage Allied can be a productive extension of your own recruiting efforts. And it’s easier and more cost effective than you may think!

Our team of experienced healthcare staffing professionals will work closely with you to uncover your needs and ensure you have the right professional in the right place at the right time. Our expansive healthcare traveler database coupled with our online and print advertising efforts provide us with a steady flow of highly qualified candidates looking for allied traveler opportunities.